Local Pilot Teams – WBTT




The WBTT is the dedicated features of the Trialog App, including a mobile application, as support for the complex VET teaching-learning, in a work based approach.


The final application is extremely user-friendly, which support the newcomers in the teaching-training world.
In the view of a dynamic VET supply, in a context where the rapid changes, the flexibility of the companies are the precondition of their competitiveness, there is no more time to transfer the new skills and competencies required through the traditional way into the curriculum, textbooks and teaching materials. In order to correlate the teaching with the company’s needs, our `in real time` solution is to put in place the Work Based Teaching scheme.
For the proper management of this scheme both the educators from the school and the tutors from the companies need to be trained, TOGETHER, for CO-MANAGING THE TEACHING PROCESS.
This process of enabling the new tutors and teachers is supported by the WBT TOOL, developed by the involved partners.

small feedback cycles

The process of developing the tool is based on the Memorandum of understanding developed together, by the partners. A special role has P.5. Solaris from Germany, by offering as reference the German experience, on which the new application will be built. The best examples will be valorised, concerning the TRANSITION FROM THE SCHOOL TO PROFESSIONAL TRAINING, VET, WHICH IS CONSIDERED MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE TRANSITION FROM THE SCHOOL TO LABOR MARKET.

We understand from the German success stories, and our partnership try to pilot the shifting towards the increased importance of the VET, the main success factor for a smooth transition into the world of work. In other word – without an excellent quality of professional training, there is no chance for professional inclusion. And the transition that need the most intensive support is that one from the school (general education) to VET, an attractive and recognized VET.

The participants counselling has a critical role in their choice. Through our project we intend to ensure the professional induction of the staff, for the best quality of VET.


The local pilot TE-TU (Teacher- Tutor) peers are established, and they developed the `Memoranda of understanding` for the pilot internship sessions.

The app-developers created a web-interface, designed for the TE-TU peers, to upload the elements of the forthcoming internship session.

The session is developed in terms of Learning outcomes, skills to be developed, and covering the technical skills and the soft (transferable) skills, together.

During the internship the students will receive for each day the concrete tasks, related to the most relevant skill to be evaluated at the end.

The `Memoranda of uderstanding MoU` reflect the agreement between the school (TEacher) and the partner company (TUtor) concerning the final learning outcomes, demonstrable skills, behaviors and attitudes – planned for each day of the internship.

The process of developing the MoU is considered a peer-learning activity for the TE-TU peers, through which the are enabled to properly manage the TEACHING process; this is why the developed tool for this stage is called WBTT- work based teaching tool. 2