about The TRIALOG project

The TRIALOG project was submitted for financial support from changing livesunder Key Action 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices, Field: strategic partnership for VET, Development of Innovation by CRIO Vest, Romaniacriovest

together within the best possible partnership:



SCHOLENGROEP  23 – Belgium


SGR1         SCHOLENGROEP  1  – Belgium

LPStudio          LERANING & PROGRESS STUDIO – Italy

solaris   SOLARIS FZU – Germany


This project demonstrate the possibility of innovation in VET, based on cooperation between educational sector and business sector, empowering the two sectors representatives concerning Work Based Education (= Teaching & Learning), both from the two perspectives, WBL – Work Based Learning and WBT Work based Teaching, simultaneously.

Through the objectives, this project offers a solution for the problem of the increasing GAP BETWEEN THE GRADUATES SKILLS AND EMPLOYERS NEEDS, by supporting  the * EFFECTIVE DIALOG between the THREE TARGET GROUP categories, within a Work Based Learning schemes :

1. VET institutions, with their staff and the organization itself,
2. companies – with special attention for SME`s,
3. and student/trainee.


This multiple dialog is envisaged to ensure the effectiveness of the communication among the THREE factors, so that the dialog become TRIALOG

In terms of OBJECTIVES we assume:
Objective.1.WORK BASED TEACHING CAPACITY BUILDING at the level of company-school partnership. Improve the (teaching) skills of educators and tutors for managing TOGETHER the WBL schemes.

Objective 2. Enhance the EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS of graduates, through WBL schemes, managed in cooperation by companies and school, as a tripartite dialog – TRIALOG.
EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS – covers practical abilities, cognitive performances, motivational dispositions, attitudes and behaviors requested at the job, flexibility and openness for personal and professional development, teamwork and leadership skills, non-cognitive abilities – which together create the employability profile of the graduates;

The project intervention level is twofold:
LEVEL OF TUTORS, EDUCATORS, the main topic that will approached is the WORK BASED TEACHING concept – WBT
LEVEL OF STUDENTS, targeted with the WORK BESED LEARNING practice, as beneficiaries – WBL
We differentiate between TEACHING (WBT) and LEARNING (WBL), in order to emphasize the need of the educators and tutors to be enabled for managing properly the Work Based context.

The most challenging and innovative part of our project is to improve the cooperation between the three interested part of the teaching-training-learning process, student- educators – tutors, as they will benefit as much as possible from this teamwork, and value the real potential for the common goal.
We expect and propose to develop the very easy to use tool,  the TRIALOG mobile APP, which will ensure the effective communication in real time, during the whole process of WBT+WBL, to support the continuous feedback between the three factors, as empowering them concerning their competencies.
In order to increase the mutual trust among partners, we intend to put in place the innovative feedback loop, which has the immediate effect of quality assurance; each part need the real endorsement for their performance! Very often the feedback and evaluation is oriented only towards the students, but in the same time also the tutors and teachers need to be part of the same feedback loop, only in this way they will cooperate as real partners!

The developed tool, TRIALOG APP, will take into the consideration both the perspective of teachers-tutor through features for WBT and the perspective of students, as learner through specific features for WBL. Some of the features of the app:



The task for managing the work-packages is distributed among partners:

PARTNER Nominated representative / Workpackages – task distribution
P1 Vasile BORZA


WP1 Partnership management

WP2 Development WBTT & WBLT

P2 Philippe NOBEN WP3 Multiplier events
P3 Ann COX WP5 Dissemination
P4 Gabriella LONGU WP6 Monitoring and evaluation
P5 Graziela HENNIG WP4 Leraning Teaching activities / mobilities

The project will develop three Intellectual Outputs. a short term joint staff training will be offered to the staff of the partners; the students will receive feedback for their achievements during the Blended Mobility planned in Germany, and five Multiplier events will ensure the visibility of the results and further development.