The birth of a project in Rome

Rome        Rome, November 2015 –     rome2

Erasmus+ contact seminar. After this meeting, the team built there ad-hoc, transformed the very first idea into an operational project!

team in rome

Here is the team created around the idea of „communication- cooperation between schools and companies; teachers – tutors and STUDENTS, in the center of our actions.

Philippe, Gabriella & Ildiko – were there, and they are still partners of the implementation!

aatrialog birth  The TRYALOG  as concept – appears since then on our flipchart –  together with the triangle – which emphasize the need of the communication among all the THREE actors; the DIALOG among them was the main need  to be answered by the project, and it was a funny proposal to transform the „dialog„ between the three actors in „TRYALOG„. …. and the funny proposal was accepted, and became the title of the proposal made by the group.

Later, the initial ideas were included in a proper application the idea on flipchart rome

submitted for Key Action 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the exchange of good practices

Field: strategic partnership for VET, Development of Innovation with a Duration: 24 months

Priorities: Promoting work-based learning [WBL] in all its form; Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications, to facilitate learning , employability and labor mobility;Strenghtening  the induction of Educators

The submitted proposal kept the firs idea, and the title of the project; new partners joined the small team, and CRIO Vest submitted the common application to the Romanian National Agency.

THANKS for the firs support during the Contact Seminar – ISFOL IT, for the encouragement and also for the trust of our partners.

The successful partnership is made up;
criovestCRIO Vest – Romania 



SGR23      Scholengroep 23 – Belgium



Scholengroep 1 – Belgium


LPStudioLearning & Progress Studio – Italy


solaris  SOLARIS FZU – Germany