The 4th Trialog Newsletter is here Trialog newsletter nr4 EN

The English version  Trialog newsletter nr4 EN

and The Romanian Version Trialog newsletter nr4 RO

YOu will find some short information about the Multiplier events, organised by the project partners, in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Romania. 

the participants kit prepared for the National multiplier event, 14 September Sinaia, Romania 


The Resource Corner – with the thre Intellectual Output developed during the project implementation. 


After the interactive presentation of the Trialog app, the process of development and the operational features, we receive feedback from Mr Valentin Popa – the Minister of Education, 

Mr. Florian Lixandru, Secretary of State, Mrs.Felicia Sandulescu, director adjunct CNDIPT, and the more than 77 participants! Thanks for all these feedbacks! 

Blended Mobility – Germani, Chemnitz 2018


In perioada   24 februarie – 4 martie 2018 zece elevi selectati pentru a participa la activitatile de mobilitate in Chemnitz Germania, au repezentat CRIO Vest si au parcurs programul impreuna cu elevii de la partenerii din Belgia.

Dupa stagii de practică in companii fiecare echipa a participat la sesiunile de demonstrare de competente tehnice, lingvistice, de prezentare, si s-au bucurat de validarea internationala a abilitatilor demonstrate!


Romania a avut stand special la competitia Jugendforscht! iar echipa din Petrosani Alexandru BABIUC, Dumitru Paul COVACI, Alexandru Constatin GHIURCA a prezentat cu succes „pompa hidraulica„ conceputa si construita de ei. Intreaga echipa i-a sustinut, si revenim si in 2019!



Colegiul Econimic „Emanuil Gojdu„ Hunedoara
Cosmin Florin GHERASIM Colegiul Econimic „Emanuil Gojdu„ Hunedoara
Mirela-Ecaterina NECHIȚOI

Colegiul Energetic „ Regele Ferdinand I„ Timișoara

Ionuț DUMITRU Colegiul Energetic „ Regele Ferdinand I„ Timișoara
Beniamin TIREAN Colegiul Tehnic Transivania Deva
Alexandru BABIUC Colegiul Tehnic ”Dimitrie Leonida” Petroșani
Dumitru Paul COVACI Colegiul Tehnic ”Dimitrie Leonida” Petroșani
Alexandru Constatin GHIURCA Colegiul Tehnic ”Dimitrie Leonida” Petroșani
Tania CĂBĂU Colegiul Economic  Arad
Ana-Maria Raluca HOGAȘ Colegiul Economic  Arad




Sesiunea de pilotare la Colegiul Energetic Regele Ferdinand I Timisoara

Sesiunea de pilotare la Colegiul Energetic Regele Ferdinand I Timisoara este coordonat de catre Ducu Diana in calitate de proferos indrumator si Savu Emilia Nicolina , tutore. staiile se desfasoare la SC Draexlmaier DPR Procese de Productie SRL Timisoara, in perioada 22 ianuarie- 2 februarie 2018. Rezultatele acestui stagiu vor constitui criterii importante in selectia pentru Mobilitatile elevilor in Germania, Chemnitz.

The TRIALOG app is available in Google Play Store and App Store! 

The news of the new year 2018!



TRIALOG  – in January 2018  START for the first pilot of the Trialog app versio 01.


The mixed pilot teams are ready to start the first session, by using the o.1 version of the mobile app.

Each team includes the teacher, tutor or tutors and the associated students.

 the very first pilot session will start in January, in Romania 08-12.01.2018,

studnets fro the Technical College „ Transilvania„ Deva and their partner, SC DHS Eurosport SRL.

Belgium, SCGR 1:
Team1. Spectrumschool Deurne & Annick Castrel
Team 2. Spectrumschool Deurne & BEBRA
TRIALOG 2016-1-RO01-KA202-024528
Team 3. Spectrumschool Deurne & G-Electro
Team 4. Spectrumschool Deurne & STW
Team 5. Spectrumschool Deurne & Nivo Install
Belgium, SCGR 23:
Team1. SBSO`t Vurstjen Evergem & LVT Painting
Team 2,3,4. SBSO`t Vurstjen & WTC ST-Elisabeth
Team 5. DE Tandem Eeklo & Saminda Gunawardana
Team 6. DE Tandem Eeklo & Mr Chris Odysseas
Team 7. DE Tandem Eeklo & Mr Olaseni Olugbola
Team 8. DE Tandem Eeklo & Mr Abul Nurujjaman
Team 9. DE Tandem Eeklo & Mr Freeman Bonsu
Romania, CRIO Vest:
Team 1. Colegiul Tehnic Transilvania Deva & SC DHS Eurosport SRL
Team 2. Colegiul Energetic Regele Ferdinand I Timisoara & SC Draexlmaier
Team 3. Colegiul Economic E Gojdu Hunedoara & SC Crisoldo Tur SRL
Team 4. Colegiul Tehnic D Leonida Petrosani & SC INFO 98 SRL
Team 5. Colegiul Economic Arad & SC TRADE CONSULT SRL
Team 6. Colegiul Tehnic Emanuil Ungureanu Timisoara & SC CASA del SOLE SRL



invit 23 nov1136 event3 are registered at European VET skills week, 2017 for DISCOVER YOUR TALENT

TRIALOG – invite you for a session, to discover YOUR talent,  in 23 November 2017.

At the Jecza Gallery – you can be part of the first Public Demo of the Trialog app!

For details please contact us!


The web interface of the Trialog-app, created by #Cobaltsign in ready to be piloted by the Tutor-Teacher peers. Dana & Mihaela checking the tool, and providing feedback for the developers. Next days we start to support the pilot team from our schools to upload the Memoranda of Understanding for the planned internships. The related mobile-app will provide the opportunity to give motivational feedback to the students concerning their skills.1 2 4 5 3

TRIALOG Nr1  newsletter EN

SGR23Scholengroep 23 Meetjesleand hosted the M2  TRIALOG project meeting in 20-21 April 2017. Trialog logo



The Assesment report after the C1 short term joint staff training – hosted in Chemnitz, by Solaris was discussed,




base on the reasearch made by L&P Partner, from Italy. LPStudio

The Dissemination Plan is managed by Scholengroep ! Antwerp, and the next coming actions were adopted. SGR1


The TRIALOG app – technical development is the main task for the next months, the offline version was piloted;

while the TEACHER- TUTOR peers develop their Memoranda of Understanding for the internship designed to pilot the app.

We had an excellent context for our management task!

Thanks !


Ideea proiectul Trialog logo_text Erasmus+ – KA202-024528 s-a conturat la seminarul de contact din Roma, 25-25 noiembrie 2015, ”Development of competences of Education & Training professionals and youth operators supporting work-based learning experiences„ organizat de catre ISFOL Erasmus+ National Agency. cu cateva secvente din timpul seminarului, AICI  ROMA 2015 NOVEMBER

si cu cei care au devenit parteneri in elaborarea si apoi implementarea proiectului cu finantare din programul erasmus+ cu intenția asumată de           CHANGING LIVES, OPENING MINDS!